Duration: 5 hours

Woolpack Inn to Wast Water

  1. Woolpack Inn to Wast Water or Wastwater via Eel Tarn & Burnmoor Tarn. Leave the Woolpack Inn and turn right, take the first right, which leads you onto the fell behind the pub. follow the path through the gate. Stay on the path until it forks, take the right fork and aim for Eel Tarn.
  2. When you get to Eel Tarn walk alongside the Tarn and cross the small stream keeping to the right hand path, this runs under Slightside Fell, after the dip you will see a bridge, head there and go over the bridge keeping right.
  3. When you see Burnmoor Tarn head for the Scafell end of the tarn where there is another bridge, once over this bridge keep following the path for Wast Water, you will be walking along the top of Screes and will be able to see the Water, Yew Barrow and Scafell.
  4. Once you reach the end of the water you will start your descent. Keep going down to the farmhouse.
  5. Welcome to Wasdale Head!

For a return journey would recommend leaving 5 hours.

Wastwater or Wast Water is located near Scafell Pike. The lake is 3 miles (4.8km) long and 260ft (80m) deep. It is owned by the National Trust.